Introducing the 3Models framework

The 3Models framework allows a researcher to provide an artificial genome sequence which can be parsed and converted to a random boolean network model. Subsequently the model can be parsed and a lineage tree created from this network. The lineage tree can then be constructed to trace evolutionary changes resulting from the zygote. The framework is developed by LIM, Chooi Guan, a Computer Science researcher at the University of Queensland in Australia.


This work is revolutionary because the mapping of biological models to computation in this manner has never been attempted before. The framework comes with a sample console application and a user manual. Java 1.4.2 is required to run the application.

Screenshot of 3Models framework console application

FREE Downloads

Instructions on running the application can be found in the user manual.

Expanding the framework

The framework is developed entirely in Java and the source code can be purchased from this page. Purchasing the framework gives you non-exclusive, non-distributable rights to expanding the software to aid your research. You will have access to the full source code of the application.

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