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Batch rename pictures, photos, Exif files

Using Quick File Rename, the #1 file renamer
Quick File Rename allows you to rename photos, rename pictures using meta data. Exif rename and meta data rename can be performed easily using Quick File Rename's rules system.

If you have thousands of photos, or pictures to rename, Quick File Rename is the ideal tool to perform batch photo rename. You can rename pictures by the thousands, in seconds. You can use meta data such as Exif to provide great looking names to your files. Tired of your family photos looking like DSC0001, DSC0002? Quick File Rename can give you descriptive meaningful names to your photos!
Great looking picture names
Brilliant photo names in seconds with Quick File Rename
With scheduling, Quick File Rename can even automatically rename pictures, photos, music files, etc, while you are asleep!

Need Quick File Rename?

If you have not downloaded Quick File Rename, get it now. Once you have downloaded the software, view the videos for a quick introduction on how to use this incredibly useful software.

Rename family photos tutorial

Quick File Rename allows you to rename pictures and photos using a step by step process called rules building. A rule is a rename operation which can be either simple removal or insertion of text, or complex operations such as inserting Exif metadata.

By creating your rule, you can rename pictures, photos, using meta data, exactly the way you want and re-use them on future family photos. This saves a tremendous amount of time as you can rename thousands of these pictures, exactly the way you want, in seconds!

Watch the exif rename video to find out how to insert meta data and rename pictures, giving them great looking names.

Batch rename pictures, photos, perform Exif rename using Quick File Rename

Quick File Rename is the easy way to batch rename pictures, photos and exif rename. Rename files and folders, tag audio files, and more. Try it now.
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