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Reverse geocode rename photos

Using Quick File Rename, the #1 file renamer
Quick File Rename allows you to perform reverse geocoding on photos and images to give them better names.

Reverse geocoding will extract geocoded information from photos and images and insert this information into the names of your files. For example, if you have taken a photo of the statue of liberty, Quick File Rename can automatically extract the geocoded information and perform a lookup to find out where and when the image was taken. This means that instead of a non descriptive file name like "DSC0001.jpg", your photo can automatically have the name "Photo of the Statue of Liberty, United States".

Reverse geocoding is extremely useful especially in giving helpful descriptive names to your photos. If you have many geocoded photos, Quick File Rename can insert information such as where the photo was taken (including the country and landmark) and when the photo was taken. If you go on a round the world holiday, Quick File Rename can instantly perform a lookup and insert the place where each photo was taken, automatically!

Need Quick File Rename?

If you have not downloaded Quick File Rename, get it now. Once you have downloaded the software, view the videos for a quick introduction on how to use this incredibly useful software.


Step one

The first step to reverse geocoding is to make sure there is geocoded information within your photos. This can be inserted automatically into an image if you use a camera with built in GPS, or manually inserted using geo tagging software.

The following screenshot shows three images which have geocoded information embedded within them. You can verify that an image has geocoded information using an Exif viewer.

Reverse geocoded images
Photos with geocoded information (Before rename)

If you do not know if your photos have geocoded information, Quick File Rename can automatically do this for you. Photos which do not have geocode information will not be renamed.

Step two

The second step is deciding what GPS information you wish to insert into the name of the file. Quick File Rename supports inserting of the country, the place of interest, as well as the name of the closest populated area. You can also insert the time the photo was taken using the Exif time.
GPS tags available
Quick File Rename supports inserting of the country, place of interest as well as the closest populated area where the photo was taken
In our example, we want to insert the place of interest, as well as the country. We want our photos to be in the format of "Photo of <placeOfInterest>, <country>" e.g. "Photo of Statue of Liberty, United States".
Step three

Now that we've decided what attributes we want to insert, we first clear the existing names by going to the Remove tab and adding the Make title empty Rule.

Next, we goto the Insert tab and add the following text which contains the tags we want.

Photo of <exif.gps.placeOfInterest>, <>

then we add the position based insert Rule.
Adding the rules
Adding our Rules in Quick File Rename
As soon as you add the GPS related rule, Quick File Rename will perform an internet based query on geocoded information obtained from each image and determine the place of interest as well as the country that each image was taken.
Step four

Now we preview our before and after changes. The Preview window will be updated to show before and after rename.
Preview rename
The after rename column shows what the new file names will be. Pretty nifty eh?

To rename, simply press the Rename button.
After rename
Photos with Geocoded information (After rename)

Reverse geocode rename your photos using Quick File Rename

Quick File Rename is the easy way to reverse geocode rename your photos giving them better more descriptive names. You can also rename regular files and folders, tag audio files, and more. Try it now.
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