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Drag Drop and Replace Awards
Drag Drop and Replace File Transit 4 Stars
Drag Drop and Replace Ed's Pick Freeware Files
Drag Drop and Replace 4 stars
Drag Drop and Replace Excellent!
Drag Drop and Replace Editor's Choice
Drag Drop and Replace Excellent
Drag Drop and Replace
Text search and replace
Drag Drop and Replace What is Drag Drop and Replace?
Drag Drop and Replace is a is a rapid text search and replace utility. Replacing text manually in text files can be tedious if you have to make replacements manually (i.e. opening up of file, running replace from the edit menu, etc), this utility will automate the entire process, with enhancement features. Simply fill in the words to replace, and drag and drop the files to be replaced. Highly useful for webmasters and the like!


Drag Drop and Replace Features
  • Multiple replacement of text strings and phrases (in PRO)
  • Preview of text to be replaced
  • Replacement of multiple files at once (in PRO)
  • Recursion of folders for mass text replacement in files
  • Supports files of up to 4 gigabytes in size
  • Memory mapping for extremely fast replace operations
  • Very easy to use, just drag and drop !

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Drag Drop and Replace Screenshots
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Drag Drop and Replace
Multiple replacement of strings in multiple files


Drag Drop and Replace Feature Difference

Feature Product
Personal Professional Corporate
Drag Drop and ReplaceMultiple Replacement of Strings
- Replace multiple strings at a time
(Only 1 string a time)
Drag Drop and ReplaceReplace Multiple files
- Replace multiple files at a time
(Only 1 at a time)
Drag Drop and ReplaceFull Unrestricted Version
NO (Trial only - will expire) YES YES
Drag Drop and ReplaceNetwork Drive Support
- allows you to create folders over network drives.

* - Network drive support is supported in the personal edition as part of the package. It is NOT supported in the PRO version so if you decide you want network drive support, please purchase the Corporate version.


Drag Drop and Replace How to buy ?

You can try Drag Drop and Replace Personal edition for FREE. It will expire after a certain number of executions, so if you like it please purchase it. Both PRO and CORP offer multiple replacement of text strings, support for recursion and multiple replacement of text files. Increase your productivity for only US$39.95. Visit our software store to buy.

Online Ordering

Orders are processed by Paypal (preferred option) or our e-commerce solution provider from the online store. Both offer fast,safe and secure options of payment!
Drag Drop and ReplaceAll major credit cards are accepted, please visit the software store

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Drag Drop and Replace Version History
  • 1.0 - Initial Release


Drag Drop and Replace Awards

Awarded 4/5 Stars On The File Transit Editors pick
Freeware - Your Free Software Resource 4 Stars! Excellent! Excellent Editor's Choice
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