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Support and FAQs
Skyjuice software I need support concerning a product
Below you can find product support with regards to all our products. Feel free to look through each product's support page and if you have further questions contact us. We are always ready to help!
  • Quick File Rename Support
  • Fast Folder Rename Support coming soon
  • Data Stash Support coming soon
  • Folder Maker Support coming soon
Skyjuice software Help, I need to remove brackets in Quick File Rename
Use a backslash before the bracket i.e. "\(". Likewise to remove the right bracket use "\)". The slash prevents the proceeding character from being evaluated as a regular expression.
Skyjuice software What do your programs do ?
Our software programs are primarily batch based software for webmasters, i.e. as batch renaming, batch folder creation, etc. We also provide custom based software development from web to desktop and other IT related services, visit the about us page to find out more about us and our clients.
Skyjuice software How and when is the software delivered ?
Please read our delivery policy.
Skyjuice software I own a previous version of ... what about upgrades ?
If you own a previous version of Quick File Rename, Fast Folder Rename or Folder Maker, you can upgrade to the latest version of by visiting our the software store upgrades. Otherwise, our standard policy for upgrades applies as follows. We offer free minor revision upgrades, which are mainly bug fixes, major upgrades cost an additional small fee. This provides a lifetime of major revision upgrades for the purchased product. Each major revision will have additional new features. If you have purchased the unlimited upgrades option and wish to obtain the latest version, please send us an email with your name and serial number that was issued to you and the software will be delivered to your email account after verification by us.
Skyjuice software What languages are your programs written in ?
We develop and write our software in Visual C++ to ensure high performance. Unlike most other similar software packages which are written in much slower languages such as Visual Basic, all our software executables are small, compact, work extremely fast and are reliable. We do not rely on external DLLs to minimise complexity. Our software packages are in zipped format, with a setup file and may contain readme and other documents.
Skyjuice software I have a question relating to Quick File Rename before I make a purchase
Information pertaining to Quick File Rename and its different versions can be found here. You may also wish to view the table of feature differences or view some demos of the product in action. The latest personal edition can be downloaded from here.
Skyjuice software Whatever happened to ... ?
Great Enumeration Tool has been superseded by Quick File Rename, as it now supports enumeration. File Attribute Modifier has been removed as you can simply perform the function in Windows.
Skyjuice software Do you provide software refunds?
No, irregardless of the circumstances. So please test the software thoroughly before making a purchase. Once the software security key is given out to the customer, it is used to activiate the software and for this reason, cannot be returned nor exchanged.
Skyjuice software I need a customised version of your product, do you do customisation ?
Yes we do. See what our satisfied customers have to say. We charge standard flat rate fees depending on the amount of work required and offer competitive pricing. Please contact us for details.
Skyjuice software My question is not covered here, how do I contact you ?
You may contact us via email. Visit the contact us page for contact information.
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