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Skyjuice Software - Quality batch software
Skyjuice Software
Company Profile

"Thank you for making good software from one who has been involved in the Shareware industry for a long time and recognizes a good product when he sees it."

- Testimonial from Brent Halls, Senior Director of eMetrix
Skyjuice software
Skyjuice software About Us

We are an established privately owned software development company founded in 1999 (previously known as Guan Inc.) with offices in Singapore and Australia. At Skyjuice Software we combine the beauty of art with great software design. Software with beauty and brawn. Afterall, why put up with awful-looking dim-witted software when you don't have to?

Skyjuice software Our Mission

To simplify the lives of computer users, providing them with:

  • extremely high quality [explain]
    Software that runs without problems, no crashes, and no bugs. That's what we endeavour to create.
  • simple yet powerful [explain]
    Simple means usable and functional. Interfaces that don't take a lifetime to learn, or even an hour. We want you to save time using our software because time is precious. Fast learning curves is what we strive for. Powerful means unsurpassed capability to do whatever you want, whenever you want.
  • no-compromise [explain]
    No compromise means not taking shortcuts to do what's necessary to support our mission. We will never cut corners to deliver to the best of our capability, that's our promise to you.
  • artistic [explain]
    Ah, beauty. We aim to create great looking software, we want you to be proud that you're using our software. Afterall who doesn't like using good looking tools?

software solutions that provide a great user experience. Our software solutions, services and products are in use by consumers all across the globe as well as in small and medium organisations, Fortune 500 corporations and businesses. View our customer happimonials (that's happy customer testimonials!) and feel free to contact us

If you need to develop software solutions, choose the best, choose Skyjuice Software.

Skyjuice software Our Simply-the-best guarantee

At Skyjuice Software we're leaders in our field and have been for over a decade. It's why thousands of happy customers choose us, from Fortune companies to individuals. For every software purchase, we offer the industy's first simply-the-best guarantee, that our software is unmatched among peers, the absolute best of its class. If you feel our software does not live up to your needs, contact us and we will address what you require as soon as possible. After all, we're only the best because we address the needs of the best, and that is you. Competitors and imitators, duck and cover.

Skyjuice software Our Clientele

Boeing, Pfizer, Ericsson,, The World Health Organisation, et al. At Skyjuice Software we provide reliable and quality software solutions to some of the largest and well known corporations and government organisations in the world. The following list is non-exhaustive.

Agouron Pharmaceuticals (now Pfizer)
United States Department of Agriculture
World Health Organization
Power Technology
IGN France International
Merrill Iron & Steel, Inc.
Rockstar Games
WHK Group Limited
Skyjuice software Entrepreneurial Award Nomination
SOE 2008 Nominee

In 2008, Skyjuice Software was nominated for the Spirit of Enterprise award.

The Spirit of Enterprise Award is an annual award that recognises the entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operating small and medium businesses.

Our founder's interview can be viewed online.

Skyjuice software Professional Certifications
Chooi Guan is a Paypal Certified Developer!

Our head architect is a Paypal Cerfied Developer, one of only a few in the Asia-Pacific Region. If you need a website with e-commerce capability, contact us to get your business online. See our services.

Chooi Guan is an Inbound Marketing Certified Professional
Need to be found online? We are Inbound Marketing Certified by the Inbound Marketing University and can assist with your inbound marketing techniques. See our services.
Skyjuice software What Our Customers Say

Mr Lim from Skyjuice software has gone out of his way to accommodate me with my somewhat particular requirements and has very promptly, patienly and efficiently delivered outstanding support, before and after the purchase. The program's performance is extremely fast.
- Thorsten Indra, Photographer (Germany)
I contacted Skyjuice Software and explained what it was I was trying to achieve. To my amazement Skyjuice Software simply said yes no problem, we agreed on a price, which I must say was very reasonable and I sat back and waited for a few days wondering whether or not it would work.

A week or so later I had a mail from Skyjuice Software with a link to download the application, which to be honest I downloaded fully expecting it to be a very complicated thing to operate. After about 20 seconds I worked out how the thing worked and did a test run. I was absolutely stunned with the result.....

An awesome piece of software, thank you Mr Lim.
- Simon Bunce (UK)
"The software worked great.  It saved us many hours and a lot of frustration!  The help provided to us was both extremely timely and knowledgeable.  We would definitely recommend Skyjuice Software. "
- PCO, CPA, Atlanta, Georgia (USA)
" I am EXTREMELY pleased with the customized version of the software I recently received. Not only has Mr. Lim been able to create my version customized as I requested in a VERY timely fashion - only a few days - but he has also helped show me a few mistakes I made when trying to use the program.

Now that I have the hang of it, it takes mere SECONDS to accomplish the task... it's like MAGIC! A program that does one thing, and does it VERY WELL.

I am very grateful to Mr. Lim and Skyjuice Software! "
- Carl Baldasso, Vice-President, Hotopp Associates Ltd, NYC, NY (USA)
" Excellent program!!! I have talked to Lim, Chooi Guan a couple of times via e-mail and explained him what we needed. He modified his program for us. With his help, I created an Excel sheet and loaded it with the software. My time consuming task was accomplished in less than a minute. The software works on both local and network drives...

Well Done Mr. Lim, Chooi Guan.. Thank You.. "
- ESRCC Fringe Benefit Fund Office, NY (USA)
" What a wonderful piece of software. As part of a directory restructure I was required to re-organise the entire client layout. Mr Lim was not only able to provide a customized version of the software that met my exact requirements but was able to delivery it within a very short time frame.

Thank you for your excellent service and support "
- Margo Dean, WHK Group Greenwoods, Australia
"Thank you for the quickly customized program you created for us. Without your help the task would have taken me at least 6 months. Not only was the program you designed for us able to accomplish that in a mere 2 days, but it was also able to find unpredicted errors we could fix."
- Joel Plasse, Paper Trace, Franklin, MA (USA)
"Skyjuice Software wrote a custom application program for us that was perfect. It was simple, worked flawlessly, and was affordable. The project was also completed in half of the time quoted. I will be using Skyjuice Software in the future for additional projects."
- Sean Bushe, Regional Loans Officer, TX (USA)


Skyjuice software Press Coverage and Reviews

Our products have been mentioned in the press and covered in various online magazines and articles.

square Lockergnome Newsletter August 2, 2001
square Hidden writing is a sensation link
Bangkok Post February 9, 2001
square Hiding in Plain Sight : Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication by Eric Cole link
Wiley Publishing, April, 2003
square Datafull (Spanish), August 6, 2003


Skyjuice software Our Logo

Skyjuice is a term for water. The accented stroke and alphabet k character make up the Chinese character Water in Chinese for Water. ("shui" for those who know hanyu pinyin) The company founder's name consists of the water character, which is reflected against this logo.


Skyjuice software Our Services

We provide excellent effective, efficient, high quality IT solutions and consultation to support your business needs. Our areas of expertise include :

  • Windows and cross-platform programming [explain]
    We're familiar with Win32, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic and Java. Our software is written in C++.
  • Microsoft Office Automation using VBA [explain]
    Need us to write you a macro to automate repetitive office tasks? No problem, we can do that for you using the built in office language, VBA.
  • Web development [explain]
    We can help you establish a website using web technologies including JSP, ASP, Ruby on Rails, Coldfusion and good ol' HTML!
  • E-Commerce [explain]
    Need to set up an online store to sell your wonderful items? Our choice of e-commerce processing is Paypal, and our head architect is a Paypal Certified Developer, one of only a few in the Asia-Pacific region. We'll help you get your store up and running in no time.
  • Inbound marketing (including search engine optimisation) [explain]
    If you already have a website and need to be found on the web, we can assist you with your inbound marketing techniques including search engine optimisation. We're certified inbound marketers from inbound marketing university (IMU).
  • Customised software tools [explain]
    Need a specialised tool? Contact us, it's another thing we're good at!

Using our knowledge and experience in solutions development, we will help you get the job done. There is no task that is too big nor too small for us to accomplish. See what our customers have to say about us and feel free to contact us for quotes and proposals at

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All software and content written and developed by Lim, Chooi Guan Superguan
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