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Quick File Rename

Complete file rename and folder rename solution
new! sleek. sophisticated. powerful.
The #1 file rename and folder rename software
Quick File Rename is an extremely powerful complete batch rename solution, supporting file rename and folder rename (2 in 1!), making it the only batch file rename and folder renaming program you will ever need.

An incredible feature set includes tagging of audio files, Insert Exif tags of photos (date, times and more), XMP tags (photo keywords, title, etc), IPTC tags, Windows File Properties, Canon RAW (CR2) support, flexible Rules System, support for regular expressions, international character sets (unicode), unlimited undo and redo, complete rename automation using scheduling, command line renaming and more.
Quick File Rename
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Built with beauty and brawn, Quick File Rename is a universal rename solution, allowing you to rename files and folders according to exactly what you want, in a matter of seconds.

Incredibly powerful, easy to use, and beautiful to look at, Quick File Rename is today and tomorrow's world class rename solution for file and folder renaming. The fastest file renamer available for demanding and power oriented users. Unmatched, unparalled and unrivalled.

"When you need to rename a series of files, Quick File Rename is THE app you need to be using." - Lockergnome Software Review



Exquisite design with useful features

Every aspect of Quick File Rename has been thoughtfully designed to take into consideration the requirements of our end users. This not only extends to the features, but the user interface as well. We take great pride in developing quality user interfaces to allow for a great end user experience. Only useful well thought out features are only included, in Quick File Rename you won't find any redundant features. The built in folder browser shows an Explorer like interface allowing you to browse for folders easily, recognising both local drives and network drives. The rules system with built in preview, allows for quick and easy fast file rename and folder rename. And more.

Rename files and folders really fast

Quick File Rename gives you the power to rename files and folders. Batch rename is something that you can easily do using Quick File Rename. Ever renamed two terabytes worth of files in seconds? With Quick File Rename, you can. Our algorithms are not only fast, but reliable. Rename many files and folders in seconds!
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Preview with built in conflict checking (or duplicate checking)

Quick File Rename automatically checks for file and folder names with duplicate names before you perform rename. This ensures that you can correct these duplicate names before you rename. Real time preview allows you to see what name changes look like exactly before they are made.

Safe with unlimited undo

Only Quick File Rename gives you unlimited undo (at any time) just in case you ever make a mistake with file rename operations. Our double barrelled approach of using preview with undo makes it a 100% safe solution. Made a mistake last week? Simply use the built in Undo/redo tool and boom, your files are back to what they were.
View Quick File Rename video Watch videos View Quick File Rename Screenshots View screenshots Download Quick File Rename Download

Flexible Sky's-the-limit Rules System

Our patent pending Rules system allows you to perform multiple rename operations in a single step. A Rule is a single rename operation, for example, insert text.
Quick File Rename Rules System Using Quick File Rename you can link up Rules, one after the other, allowing for infinite file renaming possibilites.

Create infinite ways of renaming files and folders.

For example, insert the word Good before boy, then remove all instances of Evil, then change the file extension to txt.

With more than 15 Rules built right into Quick File Rename (and bonus example Rulesets provided), boundless possibilities exist. Flex your creative muscle and maximise your productivity.

Supports meta data from files

Meta data refers to descriptive properties of files. For example, photo images frequently contain Exif data. Exif data consists of different properties like times, dates, camera model, and more. With Quick File Rename you can insert Exif (photo dates, times, camera models, etc), insert IPTC (such as title, author, copyright information), XMP (including keywords, title, from photos tagged in Microsoft Digital Image Suite and Vista), Canon RAW (CR2) meta data (image serial number, owner name, make, model, date time), Windows File Properties (title, subject, author, keywords and comments) audio tag data (such as artist, title, album) and file times (created, modified, accessed) into the names of your files and folders, then optionally, sort according to your inserted data. Exif sort and exif rename, made easy with Quick File Rename. Sort according to Exif dates, and times of photos taken, or sort according to artist name. With support for future technology in XMP, music lovers and professional photographers have a greater reason to rejoice!
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Grammar like syntax for text operations

Insert text, remove text and replace text using powerful English like grammar syntax. For example Remove all occurances of 'Evil'. With rules for insertion, removal and replacement, all your text operations are covered.

Integration into Windows Explorer

Rename files and folders quickly and easily, at any time with no risk. The integration tool makes it simple!
Integration into Windows Explorer means you can access custom created rename Rules at any time by right clicking and select the Send To Quick File Rename Instant Rename option. Quick File Rename Integration
View Quick File Rename video Watch videos View Quick File Rename Screenshots View screenshots Download Quick File Rename Download

Complete Unicode Support

Quick File Rename supports international character sets including Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Tamil, German, Russian, Korean, etc. Full unicode support means you can rename files from anyone located in every corner of the Earth. The only renaming application with such support.

Precision matching using Regular Expressions

Insert, remove and replace operations now support regular expressions. Perform file rename like a regular expression ninja. With a wide variety of styles to choose from including DOS, Perl, POSIX style regular expressions, you can match basically any part of the name of files and folders in any familiar style of your choosing. With full unicode support.
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Automate file rename operations using Scheduler

Now you can rename even when you're not at the computer. With the built in scheduler simply select the path to rename, rules, the option to recurse, a frequency, and you're good to go. Let the computer do file rename work for you, even when you're asleep.
Schedule using Quick File Rename
Schedule file rename operations easily and automatically. Now that's a real productivity kicker!

Rename from lists

Quick File Rename allows you to rename from lists quickly and easily. You have to import your custom list to rename, which is only a few mouse clicks using the custom rule. You can use also use Excel to create a custom list. See the tutorial on rename from lists using Quick File Rename.
View Quick File Rename video Watch videos View Quick File Rename Screenshots View screenshots Download Quick File Rename Download

Rename from the command line

Who said DOS is dead? Our command line utility not only revitalises DOS with recursion capability, complete Rules access, ability to rename files and folders with full Unicode support, but also makes it dead easy. With every change logged, there is absolutely no risk.
Rename from the command line in Quick File Rename Recurse files and folders from DOS, tag audio files, rename Unicode files. Whoever thought that was possible? With Quick File Rename, you can. DOS with regular expressions renaming? You bet!

Find out photo locations using reverse geocoding

Quick File Rename includes unique reverse geocoding capability to instantly tell where your photos are taken. If there is longitude and latitude information within your images, Quick File Rename can retrieve the location of each image.

Batch tag audio files (MP3, Ogg vorbis and MPC) using Audio Tagger

Quick File Rename now includes an Audio Tagger which supports audio file tagging. Supported formats include MP3 id3v1.1 to id3v2.4, Ogg vorbis and MPC. And with support for Unicode, you are not confined to English audio files. Batch tag audio files with Quick File Rename.
Quick File Rename allows you to extract information from the name of the audio file and tag it directly with this information, or tag audio files directly using information that you provide.

After you create your Rules, you can save them as a Ruleset which will allow you to tag audio files directly in Windows Explorer using Quick File Rename Instant Rename. How awesome is that?
Insert audio tag using Quick File Rename
View Quick File Rename video Watch videos View Quick File Rename Screenshots View screenshots Download Quick File Rename Download

Help is only a click away

Quick File Rename now not only comes with a help manual but help videos built in as well. Super tooltips provide on screen help at any time when required. Help videos have been specially designed to teach you advanced usage of Quick File Rename. If you are stuck you can even contact us directly within the software.

Serialise files and folders

The Sort and Serialise Rule allows you to number your photos, audio files, movies, and any other files. And with support for meta data tags, Exif sort and Exif rename is not only possible but made easy.
View Quick File Rename video Watch videos View Quick File Rename Screenshots View screenshots Download Quick File Rename Download

Other powerful capabilities

  • Meta data using prefixing of parent names.
  • File mask filter allows you to rename files according to their extension, or filename length, eg *.txt, a??.* A??.* help*.???
  • Replace strings, insert strings, remove strings with Regular Expression support and Meta data support. Wildcards are now even more powerful than ever.
  • Ability to perform DOS 8.3 conversions .
  • Mixed case rename allowing you to rename according to any case you want.
  • Update time stamps allow you to bring your files up-to-date.
  • Capitalize the first letter of every word
  • Change all letters to uppercase or lowercase
  • Remove Unicode
  • Prefix or postfix strings
  • Audio renaming and ID3v1.1 to ID3v2.4 tagging
  • Drag and drop renaming
  • and more!
Quick File Rename Lockergnome Review
"When you need to rename a series of files, Quick File Rename is the app you need to be using. Browse through folders, preview changes before they're actually made, rename files according to their extensions, and update time stamps. The interface is easy to interpret, too. If you can click, you can use this program. Drag and drop functionality (from the Windows Explorer) is also supported -- as if it wasn't easy or quick enough already."
View Quick File Rename video Testimonials View Quick File Rename Screenshots View screenshots Download Quick File Rename Download
Quick File Rename Feature difference and licenses
Single User License (Non-commercial)
Single User Licenses are for non commercial use only. If you wish to use Quick File Rename for commercial use (i.e. work related) you must purchase the commercial license. See licensing for more information. Single User Licenses can be packaged with or without the scheduler and command line utility which are optional.
Commerical License
For commercial and business use. See licensing for more information. Commercial licenses can be packaged with or without the scheduler and command line utility which are optional.
Personal (trial)
Batch rename files and folders with recursion
No (single level)
Full unrestricted version, will not expire
No (will expire)
Network drive support to rename files and folders over network drives
Unlimited rename, rename unlimited number(s) of files and folders
No (limited)
Scheduler, schedule file rename and folder rename operations automatically.
Tag support (insert and replace) e.g. Exif, XMP, IPTC, MP3, etc.
Command line utility, rename from the command line
* Network drive support is present in the personal edition as part of the trial, it is not available in the non-commercial license. The scheduler and command line utility are optional components in the commercial and non-commercial license packages but included in the trial for test usage purposes. Tag support is optional in the lite personal license but included in all other licenses.
Also see qualifying license criteria.
Quick File Rename Buying Quick File Rename
You can try Quick File Rename Personal Edition for free, but it only runs for a limited time before it expires. To continue using Quick File Rename you must purchase the software. The basic non-commercial package without the scheduler and command line utility only costs $49.95 and you will be getting a world class file rename solution. No other product comes close in terms of functionality, design and uniqueness. Buy it now from the webstore for immediate delivery .
If you need to rename files only and prefer a basic package, we offer Quick File Rename Lite which only costs $39.95. For renaming of folders, we offer Fast Folder Rename for $19.95, which provides common folder renaming features.
Orders are processed by Paypal (preferred option) or our e-commerce solution provider from the online store. Both offer fast,safe and secure options of payment.
Buy Now!   Buy Now!
Quick File Rename Hardcopy User Manual
A hardcopy user manual is available to order from the online store. The hardcopy manual is essentially a copy of the help file that is included with Quick File Rename. The 20 odd pages high quality user manual is printed in full colour and bounded. Please visit the online store to purchase this.
Quick File Rename Quick File Rename Version History
Quick File Rename has been in development since 1999, and is constantly improved and updated through new ideas suggested by our very own customers. The following summarises the improvements made.
  • 8.0, 8.8 - Extended to include support for Canon RAW (CR2) format and added reverse geocoding capability.
  • 7.0, 7.1 - Entirely new code base. Quick File Rename uses the Taglib library, which is available from here. Taglib is free and released under the LGPL.
  • 6.0 - Private alpha
  • 5.0 - Regular expression support, custom list rename, HTML help and more
  • 4.0 - Folder support, international characters, enumeration / serialisation and more
  • 3.X - Undo, Real-time preview, wildcard, filter features, more advanced options
  • 2.X - Advanced options, mp3 tagging. Was also known as Quick File Rename + MP3 Rename
  • 1.X - Drag and drop renaming with basic options, all to lowercase, uppercase, etc.
If your batch rename task involves
Quick File Rename will be able to perform the task you want and a lot more!


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