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Folder Maker
Create thousands of folders and files quickly and easily
Folder Maker What is Folder Maker?
Folder Maker is a powerful batch folder creation and batch file creation solution, supporting creation of folders and files by the thousands effortlessly and easily. Create folders and files automatically or create folders and files from a list using CSV, the choice is up to you. Enumeration allows you to number your folders and files, while prefix and postfix options allow total customisation of folder names and file names to aid in categorisation. Increase your productivity by using this software tool to create your folders and files with one click ! Eliminate the use of MS DOS batch files using Folder Maker. The original choice for batch folder creation.

Folder MakerSee Folder Maker in action! Witness the power of this folder making software.
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Folder MakerWant to rename files AND folders? Try Quick File Rename. The preferred choice for batch file rename and folder renaming.


Folder Maker Features
  • Prefix and postfix options
  • Create unlimited numbers of folders (in PRO)
  • Create unlimited numbers of files (in PRO)
  • Set starting enumeration value
  • Make folders from file names using CSV. Folder Maker allows you to create folders from filenames effortlessly!
  • Undo feature for risk-free operation
  • Supports CSV files allowing you to create folders from txt files and create folders from file names. This also allows you to create files from txt files and create files from file names as well. Create files from csv easily and quickly.
  • Fast operation
  • Intuitive and easy to use !

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Folder Maker Screenshots
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Folder Maker
Create hundreds of folders easily
Folder Makerview demo
Folder Maker
Create folders from CSV text files
Folder Makerview demo
Folder Maker
Create files or folders
Folder Makerview demo
Folder Maker
Create files from CSV text files
Folder Makerview demo


Folder Maker Feature Difference

Feature Product
Folder MakerCreate Unlimited Folders
- Create thousands of folders quickly and easily
(Maximum 20)
Folder MakerCreate Unlimited Files
- Create thousands of files quickly and easily
(Maximum 20)
Folder MakerCreate folders and files in any drive
- Create folders and files in any drive of your choice
(Folders must reside in C:)
Folder MakerCreate folders from file names
- With the CSV feature you can make folders from file names in a flash!
Folder MakerFull Unrestricted Version
NO (Trial only - will expire) YES YES
Folder MakerNetwork Drive Support
- allows you to create folders and files over network drives.

* - Network drive support is supported in the personal edition as part of the package. It is NOT supported in the PRO version so if you decide you want network drive support, please purchase the Corporate version.

Folder Maker How to buy ?

You can try Folder Maker Personal edition for FREE. It will expire after a certain number of executions, so if you like it please purchase it. Both PRO and CORP offer creation of unlimited folders and files, increases your productivity and only costs $39.95. You are gettting a batch folder creation solution and batch file creation solution, that's 2 applications bundled together in one powerful and compact package! That's less than $20 for each application! Visit our software store to buy.

Folder MakerFolder Maker Pro and Fast Folder Rename make a great folder management package. You can order this special bundle for only $47.95 at the software store. Buy Now!

Online Ordering

Orders are processed by Paypal (preferred option) or our e-commerce solution provider from the online store. Both offer fast,safe and secure options of payment!
Folder MakerAll major credit cards are accepted, please visit the software store

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Folder Maker Version History
  • 2.1 - Supports newlines as delimiter, improved user interface, supports creation of files
  • 1.1 - CSV support implemented
  • 1.0 - Initial Release


Folder Maker Awards

5 stars at 4 stars 5 Stars at
  Certified Spyware Free!  
Folder Maker Not sure if Folder Maker is right for you?
If your task involves batch folder creation or requiring of creating folders from files, you need Folder Maker. You can also use Folder Maker to create folders from lists. Try the best batch folder creation solution today.
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