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Data Stash Awards
Data Stash ZDNet 4stars
Data Stash FileHungry 5 stars
Data Stash 5star-shareware 5 stars
Data Stash Sharewareriver 5 stars
Data Stash 5 stars
Data Stash 5 stars
Data Stash 4 stars
Data Stash Press Coverage
Distributed on book published by Wiley Publishing, Hiding in Plain Sight Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication
Data Stash mentioend in Bangkok Post Feb 2001
Data Stash
Hide files using steganography
Data Stash What is Data Stash?
Data Stash is a steganographic security tool. Steganography is the Art of Hidden Writing, and Data Stash uses this technique to hide files.

A clever little security tool, Data Stash allows you to hide sensitive data files within other files using steganography. Select a large bitmap or database file (or any file you'd like to use) as a receptacle, then add the data files you'd like to hide, via an easy drag and drop mechanism. The receptacle file remains fully functional, looks and behaves similar to what it was before.

"Steganography is the Art of Hidden Writing"

Password protection is also provided, using Blowfish encryption. This is useful if you wish to keep out certain files from prying eyes, under the disguise of a normal file. For example you can hide 10 sensitive Word document files into a picture file, and retrieve them later. Opening the picture file would only show the picture image, and not the Word document files that are stored within it.

Data StashCheck out the demo for a visual demonstration
Data StashData Stash was mentioned in a Bangkok post newspaper article in Feb '01. Read about it.

Data Stash Features
  • Hide files within files (Steganography)
  • Receptacle file remains fully functional
  • Supports a wide variety of file formats i.e. .mpg, .jpg, .mp3, .exe, .com etc.
  • Password protection using Blowfish encryption
  • Fast operation
  • Easy to use !


Data Stash Screenshots
(Click image to enlarge)

Data Stash
Hiding 2 picture files into a Quicktime movie file
Data Stash
Resultant movie file does not show the hidden 2 pictures


Data Stash Feature Difference

Feature Product
Trial Registered
(Single User)
Data StashHide Unlimited Files
- hide unlimited files into one file
Maximum 3 only
Data StashAccepts Files of any size
- hide files of any size into one file
Each file max size is 100k
Data StashFull Unrestricted Version
NO (Trial only - will expire) YES YES
Data StashNetwork Drive Support
- allows you to secure files over network drives.

* - Network drive support is supported in the trial edition as part of the package. It is NOT supported in the single user license version so if you decide you want network drive support, please purchase the Corporate version.


Data Stash How to buy ?

The trial version of Data Stash expires after a certain number of executions, so if you like it please purchase it. It only costs US$39.95 and has full functionality including supporting of unlimited files to hide, and files of any size.

Online Ordering

Orders are processed by Paypal (preferred option) or our e-commerce solution provider from the online store. Both offer fast,safe and secure options of payment!
Data StashAll major credit cards are accepted, please visit the software store

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Data Stash Version History
  • 1.5 - Improved security
  • 1.1B - Bug fixes and enhancements
  • 1.1 - Minor enhancements
  • 1.0 - Initial Release

Data Stash Awards

ZDNet 4 Stars
ZDNet 4 Stars
Filehungry 5 Stars 5 Stars at 5 stars
Filehungry 5 Stars
Distributed on PC Utilities Data Stash mentioend in Bangkok Post Feb 2001
Distributed on book published by Wiley Publishing, Hiding in Plain Sight Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication 5 Stars at 5 Stars at
  5 Stars at  
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