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Quick File Duplicator

Batch file duplicate solution

Batch duplicate files easily

Quick File Duplicator is a utility which allows you to create duplicate files easily. Create duplicate files, such as mp3, text files, data files, for testing purposes, backup and more.

With a few clicks, you can create hundreds of duplicate files. Complete unicode support means files of any language can be duplicated. The complete batch file duplicator!
Quick File Duplicator
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Quick File Duplicator Features
  • Duplicate hundreds of files easily in a matter of clicks
  • Choose different files to be duplicated
  • Save duplicated files in a folder of your choosing
  • Fast duplication of files
  • Undo feature if you made a mistake
  • Replicate files with different prefixes using Quick File Rename.
  • Rename duplicate files with Quick File Rename. Quick File Duplicator is integrated with Folder Maker and Quick File Rename, great companion utilities if you require management of folders and files.
Quick File Duplicator Screenshots
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Quick File Duplicator
Create duplicate files easily with minimum fuss
Quick File Duplicator Feature difference among licenses
Single User License (Non-commercial)
Single User Licenses are for non commercial use only. If you wish to use Quick File Duplicator for commercial use (i.e. work related) you must purchase the commercial license. See licensing for more information.
Commerical License
For commercial and business use. See licensing for more information. Commercial licenses can be packaged with or without the scheduler and command line utility which are optional.
Personal (trial)
Select unlimited number of files to duplicate
No (Max 2)
Full unrestricted version, will not expire
No (will expire)
Network drive support to save duplicate files over network drives
Create unlimited number of file duplicates
No (Max 3)
* Network drive support is present in the personal edition as part of the trial, it is not available in the non-commercial license.
Also see qualifying license criteria.
Quick File Duplicator Buying Quick File Duplicator
You can try Quick File Duplicator Personal Edition for free, but it only runs for a limited time before it expires. To continue using Quick File Rename you must purchase the software. Buy it now from the webstore.
Orders are processed by Paypal (preferred option) or our e-commerce solution provider from the online store. Both offer fast,safe and secure options of payment.
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Quick File Duplicator Quick File Duplicator Version History
Quick File Duplicator is the easiest and best way to duplicate files! More great features will be added as this product undergoes continued development.
  • 1.0 - Initial release


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