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Schedule file rename automatically

Using Quick File Rename, the #1 file renamer
Quick File Rename allows you to schedule file rename automatically using the built in scheduling tool. You can also schedule folder rename operations.

File scheduling is useful in keeping your file names up to date, automatically.

Quick File Rename allows you to perform file rename scheduling, by using the powerful built in scheduler which will rename files and folders even when you are asleep.

This tutorial will show how you can automatically update the names of your files. Such a task can be very useful in updating account ledger data files for example or updating the names of your audio files automatically if you change the id3 data. If you modify your files you can simply create a file scheduled task so that the modification date can be inserted and updated automatically everyday!
Quick File Rename View a quick demo


Before we begin...

If you have not downloaded Quick File Rename, get it now. Once you have downloaded the software, view the videos for a quick introduction on how to use this incredibly useful software.

Rules screenshot
Your created rule should be saved and loadable. This screenshot shows all loadable rules.
You also need to create your rename rule, which is the rule you want to schedule to run. For example, you can create a rule to make all letters uppercase. By applying your rule, you can affect the names of files or folders.

Quick File Rename allows creation of special rules which can be as simple as inserting or removing of text, or as complex as inserting meta data into filenames or even inserting id3 data into audio files.

After you create your rules, you have to save them as a ruleset.
Step one

You've created your ruleset and now you're all ready to go. Remember your ruleset contains the rules on what you wish to do to the names of your files (or folders). This can be making them uppercase, for example. In our tutorial, we have created a rule to update our audio file names using ID3 data has been changed. You do not have to use our ruleset to follow this tutorial, but it would be easier to follow if you do.

DownloadDownloadDownloadDownload the ruleset to update audio file names by right-clicking the link and selecting "Save As". Save this file in the rulesets folder in C:\Program Files\Skyjuice Software\Quick File Rename\rulesets (i.e. where you installed Quick File Rename)

The ruleset will insert the audio artist, album, track number, title into the name of the file. For example, a track with the audio artist as "John Ottman", album as "Superman Returns", track number as "1" and title as "Memories" will result in the file name
"John Ottman - Superman Returns - 1 - Memories.mp3".
Quick File Rename ruleset processing
Scheduler screenshot
Step two

Now we run the scheduling tool. Start Quick File Rename, then goto Tools - Scheduler.
Step three

You now need to populate the scheduling fields. First select the path where your files to rename, reside. We click the browse button and select B:\ drive but this can be anywhere. We do not wish to process subfolders so this box remains unchecked. You will also be required to enter the mask. Since we are renaming mp3s, this will be *.mp3 and we want to rename files only. After this click Browse and select the ruleset that we want to use which is the one we created, i.e. "Give audio files great names.qfr". You will also be required to give your task a name.
Schedule task part 1
The remaining steps are to select the date, time, frequency. We set this to be the 19/4/08, time, 9pm and to run the task every day. We do not want this task to be repeated several times a day so we uncheck the repeat task box. Finally you will need to provide your Windows username and password for authentication purposes. Click Add Scheduled Task to add the task. If all goes well, the task will be added.
Schedule task part 2
You can also watch this performing automatic file rename video which summarises the above steps.
Step four

That's it! Your files will now be renamed automatically. Any files you copy to B:\ will be renamed automatically every night at 9pm. If you update any id3 data for any mp3 files, these file names will be updated too.

Watch this file scheduler video to see this awesome ruleset in action.

Schedule file rename using Quick File Rename

Quick File Rename is the easy way to schedule file rename automatically. Rename files and folders, tag audio files, and more. Try it now.
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