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Quick File Rename Remove or adding characeters including brackets (or other characters)

Quick File Rename can remove brackets and other special characters for any file rename operation. Because regular expressions are used in all rename operations, a bracket MUST be preceded by a backslash i.e. \ character. To remove a left bracket, add the remove rule e.g. remove all occurence(s) of "\(" to remove left brackets. Likewise to remove all occurence(s) of right brackets, use "\)". Chances are if Quick File Rename is prompting you that the expression is incorrect, you may have a special character. Special characters for regular expressions include

  • . (periods)
  • ( ) (left and right brackets)
  • ^
  • $
  • { } (curly braces)
  • [ ] (square brackets)
  • ?
  • \ (backslash)
  • * (asterisk)
  • + (plus sign)

To remove a special character, simply add a backslash \ before the character, then add your rule. e.g. to Remove a period, use \.

Become a Quick File Rename master

To unleash the full power of Quick File Rename we highly recommend learning regular expressions. The following book is highly recommended. Learning regular expressions not only complements Quick File Rename but other applications as well.

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Mastering regular expressions

Quick File Rename Serialise/serialize files and folders
Quick File Rename can serialize files and folders using the sort and serialise tab. Serializing files and folders allow you to number them, in alphabetical order, reverse alphabetical order, or any way you wish. Watch this video on how to serialize files and folders which includes a demo on photo rename serialization.
View Quick File Rename video Watch video
Quick File Rename Tag audio files including MP3s
Quick File Rename can effectively tag audio files and insert various audio metadata types including MP3. What this means is that you can transform your audio file from 1.mp3 to look something like John Ottman - Superman Returns - Track 1 - Movie Theme.mp3 which includes audio attributes like artist name - album name - track number and track name. Learn more on how to categorize music using Quick File Rename.
If your batch rename task involves
Quick File Rename will be able to perform the task you want and a lot more!


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